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10 Things Your Auto Insurer Won't Tell You - SMART MONEY 

 1. When I say this is a good policy, I mean it's good for me.
 2. Young drivers can't catch a break.
 3. Spotty credit? That'll cost you.
 4. How do we set premiums? That's for us to know and you to find out.
 5. Your repaired car might look and run like new, but it's worth a lot less.
 6. Totaled your car? Good luck collecting its full value...
 7. "... and we're more likely than ever to declare your car totaled.
 8. Your mechanic works for us.
 9. Brand loyalty is for suckers...
10. . . . but be careful switching carriers it could cost you.

Windshields play vital role in car safety  -  In a newsletter, General Motors estimates 80 percent of windshield repairs and installations are done improperly. They say people underestimate how important the windshield is to car safety and that inadequate repairs put drivers in danger. -- One man released a book, the other runs a glass shop in Alliance. Original article via KSNB Local 4
Why ACR Glass?​     

A Message From ACR Glass To Our Auto Glass Customers - Facts You Need To Know 

Is your windshield important to your Crash Management Systems?  You better believe it is! 
- ACR Glass, Mark Rizzi

Rizzi Presents Popular Program At International Glass Show
Other presenters at the meeting included other glass shop owners, researchers, consultants, and representatives reporting on progress by various national committees working on topics such as safety standards. Rizzi drew more attendees to his presentation at the IGA's meeting than any other procedural presentation.

Rizzi's Work: An Interview with the Man Behind the Movement Mark Rizzi, owner of ACR Glass in Alliance, Neb., has been involved in the auto glass industry since 1985 and in recent years has become known for his work documenting substandard windshield repairs and replacements.

Insurers' control over repair jobs questioned
Omaha World-Herald - Representatives from small-town and neighborhood auto-body and auto-glass shops on Monday complained about the insurance industry steering repair jobs to networks of shops, thereby limiting customer choices and squeezing out smaller operations. -- Mark Rizzi, an Alliance, Neb., repairman active in the Independent Glass Association, also said the insurance industry is turning a blind eye to shoddy workmanship from shops they recommend.

'Steering’-related order bars No. 2 AAA group from letting Safelite administer Minn. glass claims​ 
Repairer Driven News
"In what a glass trade group called a major blow against insurance 'steering', the second largest AAA club has been barred for using Safelite to administer auto glass claims in Minnesota."

What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Car's Windshield
Most people think of the windshield as the part of the car that prevents them from getting hit in the face by bugs and rocks as they drive down the road; but in reality, it serves an even more important purpose.